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Israel Study tour of the start-up nation's innovation - includes visiting VC companies in Tel Aviv

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Whatever your academic or educational needs are, we can accommodate you and your students. We plan, arrange and carry out high-quality and unique Israel study tours in a wide range of academic fields of study:

The Start-up Nation: Israel's Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How did the modern state of Israel establish itself as a startup and innovation powerhouse in the world? See for yourself! Delve into the reality of the Start-up Nation: Israel's Innovation and Entrepreneurship with corporate visits, tours of organizations along the startup life-span, and understand the unique market forces and the local and international stakeholders that helped build Israel into the Start-up Nation.

Israeli Agro-tech, Water-tech and Desertification: Making the Desert Bloom

The arid climate of the region forced the budding country to find unique solutions to limited water supplies, tough conditions for agriculture, and  limited natural resources. Visit Israel's finest technological solutions, which have not only improved the local conditions, but changed agriculture and water technologies around the world.

Historic Holy land, Archaeology, and Religion.

The city of Jerusalem holds scared places to the three major world religions. With local history being traced more than 5,000 years through archaeological and historical sources, there are many places, reconstructed or well-maintained that give true insights into the past.

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